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The story of converting an old Sparc Classic server into a mini-ITX ATOM processor NAS.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Had a few assembly hitches, but all fixed now.

1. Not realising that the motherboard needed a momentary PSU switch (or shorting the header pins with a screwdriver !). Using a jumper connector gets you 2-3 seconds of power then everything conks out.

2. The USB riser is the "wrong way round" - offering the ports to the side of the case rather than than over the motherboard - for now I'm using one of the external USB ports.

3. I should have got right-angled SATA cables - it's a really tight squeeze, and has involved hacking the disc chassis about 2-3 times and a lot of tin-snip & Dremmel grinder action.

4. One good thing - I noticed I had a spare "silent" fan which has silenced the nosiy chipset cooler that comes with the Atom motherboard - in the UK Maplins sell these for a couple of quid. Made by Evercool, a 40mm "PC brushless DC fan".

Ubuntu is 8.04.1 is installed, but I haven't started the apt-get update installs yet. SATA discs are installed & wired up, but not yet mirrored.

Just waiting for a proper switch and LEDs to install, the ceremonial closing of the case and some more photos.


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